Ill admit I was skeptical about Campfires app. Luckily, there are tons of apps that can help you build amazing fantasy worlds for whatever purpose you need. Whether youre writing a fantasy novel or creating a role-playing game, worldbuilding can be overwhelming. What did you decide? World-Building 101: How to Construct an Unforgettable World for your Fantasy or Sci-Fi Story! The tools and resources they offer are, to me, exceptional. Such features include organizations, interactive maps, families, timelines, and numerous characters as you can create. Honestly, the functionality in both programs is very similar on this feature, so I am also awarding a point to each. The Coaching package is a paid plan that costs $79 per month, which offers a professional critique on your submissions and you can learn through webinars with access to recordings of past sessions. No mention of Read on for my detailed breakdown of these two incredible tools. Thanks in advance! Note 5: Dont forget to like, subscribe, and comment your thoughts below. If you plan on having lots of details, World Anvil is a great choice. World Scribe is an app that lets you plan and organize all the elements in your story and world easily. With, you can create locations, items, floras, creatures, universes, continents, countries, planets, jobs, lores, technologies, buildings, schools, races, landmarks, food, scenes, and more. They have also added a manuscript feature for writing a novel or game campaigns. also has a free Starter (Class) plan like World Anvils free plan. if you want to use it for a longer period, you should really think about subscribing! But for people building a massive universe, you will likely have to start multiple projects in Campfire, rather than keep it all in one universe project. On the other hand, the Elementals plan costs $25 per month and offers 10 campaign boosters, a private Discord channel, huge file upload sizes of up to 25MB, participation in the Community Feature Vote, and custom default images for entities. World Anvil can get a little complicated and overwhelming, but for authors it's ultimately about adding content and keeping it organized. This structure also includes character development and story structure ideas. 2023 Wizards. and our The software is constantly being developed and improved to ensure writing obstacles are eliminated and you can refine your writing. Keen to hear some feedback and/or options. Is that common a problem? This will open an initial configuration screen where you should enter your User Authentication Token and then choose the World from which you want to import content. Campfire Blaze works in the cloud, so you can use it anywhere. A free formatting template generator to format books in Microsoft Word. Note 2: Because Campfire Blaze is coming out of beta as of this writing, it will still have a few missing or unfinished features (including the research and writing modules). Since Campfire is primarily designed for writers, they also have a lot of writing advice that World Anvil lacks. Only thing Campfire Pro has over World Anvil is that World Anvil needs you to be online and you have to pay yearly. This way, you can use it to create your central idea and first character profile from beginning to end. The best part about using Kanka is that users can share feedback about the new features theyd like added, which are developed through frequent Community Votes shared on a regular basis. And in this, Campfire currently comes out on top again. Krystal N. Craiker is the Writing Pirate, an indie romance author and blog manager at ProWritingAid. World Anvil is a worldbuilding platform that helps you create your world, maintain it over time, and keep track of all of the details in your world as well as generate maps, timelines, and charts based on those ideas. Campfire Explore now allows you to share all or parts of your world and build a following. I'm 12K words in to a novel I've been writing over the last couple of months using Scrivener. Thats my main gripe with either Campfire program, but especially with Campfire Blaze. If youre a serious, detailed worldbuilder, check out World Anvil. You can also participate in the Community Feature Vote. Both World Anvil and Campfire Blaze seems to have some speed problems. Campfire currently features seventeen modules and catalogues. Kankas modules are easy to enable or disable at any time making it easy to customize your campaign using locations, or characters, and so on. But Campfire has one major advantage: customizable modules. 2023 - Orpheus Technology,, 3 Best Worldbuilding Apps for RPG Gamers and Fantasy Writers, Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisis writing app. If you want to switch from World Anvil or just try out different worldbuilding tools, here are the best World Anvil alternatives worth considering. As far as user learning curves go, Campfire Pro and Blaze sit below Scrivener, but stand above most everything else on the market. ", Convert Amazons Best Seller Rank into estimated Sales Per Day, Convert an Audiobooks Best Seller Rank into estimated Sales Per Day, Generate HTML code for listing your book for sale online, Create custom QR codes with your author logo or book cover, Find keywords and categories to help your book reach Best-Seller status, All in one formatting tool for books and ebooks. 1. Plus, you can brainstorm using the World Builder too, which is available in World Anvil and other tools listed here, and invent whole, complex worlds with different elements like streets, cities, or countries. Campfire Pro and Campfire Blaze. You can also view your documents side by side, set word or character targets and watch your progress, or create lists of related documents using the collections feature. I have been on platforms like Wattpad or World Anvil or some of the smaller writer platforms. View User Profile View Posts Send Message Curate; Join Date: 3/20/2017 Posts: 85 Member Details; Homebrew gets complicated. Big fan Privacy Policy. I've then started to look at Campfire and it seems pretty good. Now Novel offers features that help you plot and plan, the same way World Anvils digital publishing platform does. I looked online and could only find a <Steam Review> that actually did a quality comparison but it's a year old and doesn't cover campfire blaze. We are reader-supported. The reason this is important to point out is because my answer to the question of the what is the best world building software will differ depending on which audience you fall into. If youre an author, you probably appreciate and are intuitively aware of the fact that books are not just whimsical, but also fun and have the power to transform. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. You can add more, but it comes with four. Why are they worth it? If you already own Campfire Pro, then youll get a free module for however many years youve had it (so, one module for 2020, two for 2019, and three for 2018). I haven't checked if I can edit on a mobile / if there is an app. For artists, writers, gamemasters, musicians, programmers, philosophers and scientists alike! World Anvil, on the other hand, is a subscription-based service, and has multiple tiers that add features as you go. BLAZE. Each module ranges in price from $2.50 to $15 a year, with lifetime modules ranging from $7.50 to $45. The software helps these writers grow their manuscripts their own way and is specially tailor-made for long writing projects. I really would love that tool. Kanka is a community-driven, all-in-one worldbuilding tool that offers similar features as World Anvil including tabletop RPG campaign management and storytelling. Which would you recommend? It does this by offering elements like people, which includes the cast of characters, groups united by race, blood, motivation, places, items, and concepts like religions or superpowers. if you use it for free, you cant put anything on private and its out for the world to see. I've been worldbuilding for a bit, and I recently started using the free tier of World Anvil so that my notes were organized rather than being spread across a notebook, several email drafts, and multiple google docs, and so far I really like it. World Anvil has various ways you can show off your timeline, but it is designed primarily with the intent to show off your timeline to a reader. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. World Anvil is free. ): Oh wow what a detailed response. Everything is modular, and the UI design is intuitive and easy to follow. The software is ideal for writers, designers, and role players specifically to create and build rich, immersive worlds for their campaigns, novels, plays, stories, and share with their players. World Anvil vs Campfire vs Other Programs #1 Sep 23, 2021. With the scene maps (formal) and story maps, you can formally plot out the elements of each scene and use the Michael Hauge Six Stage Plot Structure as the foundation of your story. A set of Thesauruses is available with features and tools that offer site features like emotions, positive and negative traits, weather, physical features, textures, shapes, patterns, and more. The screenshot below shows the idea generatoryou open a drawer for a new prompt: The Character Builder allows you to create a highly detailed profile of your characters, but you can also make it as simplistic as you want. The Worldbuilding Survey has templates for everything from solar systems and planets to villages and magical objects. However, I have yet to see World Anvil ask me for my Steam information unlike Campfire Pro. One Stop also features a simple timeline that you can use for plotting, historical events in your world, or any other way you want to use it. 8. Just as a matter of price, Campfire is was better, and it seems to have most of if not everything World Anvil offers, but is there anything that makes World Anvil better? Disclaimer: some of the links below are affiliate links, but as always it costs you nothing extra, and every bit goes to the Kindlepreneur coffee fund. It allows you to pick and choose among various modules, so that you only pay for the modules you want. The one thing I do like is it's got a web interface along with desktop software and an android/ios app. Check out Now Novels pricing page for more details on what you get with each package. It comes down to scope for me. Check out her website or follow her on Instagram: @krystalncraikerauthor. If youve got the time and the motivation, I think its a great platform. Learn how to rank your Kindle book #1 on Amazon with our collection of time-tested tips and tricks. Book Outlining Deep-Dive with Plottr: How to Craft Better Stories in Less Time. TIA, Scan this QR code to download the app now. . If you're a winner, it's time to take the next step! With this plan, you get unlimited campaigns and uploads, frequent improvements and updates, access to all core features, but there are no campaign boosters. Create a free website or blog at This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Along the way, hes also coached thousands of other people to success. I don't like the idea of spending countless hours building something in WA and then they can just raise the price year by year. Sure it looks more fancy but the rate of time/result was not worth it. On the backend, they look roughly the same. These articles are in focus of Pen&Paper and thus feature a variaty for mostly high fantasy but not just that. I've looked at Campfire Blaze and World Anvil and they both look good. Remember the days when hunters would sit around a campfire inside a cave and tell each other ghost stories while waiting for the bears to leave camp? Best Free Writing Apps: Top 11 Software Writers Need, What Is Booktok? World Anvil and Campfire Blaze are the most expensive. For instance, you can find questions about the real, country, or kingdom, who keeps the peace and who enforces the laws, the condition of the roads, people that hold power, and more. You can also add your own questions to further customize your world. There's an active community on their discord (and Facebook) for using it specifically for TTRPGs. Verdict: Should You Use Campfire or World Anvil? Would you do it different today? Let us know in the comments below. Campfire Blaze takes everything that Campfire Pro can do and makes it better, especially the character and location builders. And they are set up to help you monetize your worldbuilding if game creation is a field you want to break into. Neither one is particularly easy to use, and unless your imagination is wild, I cant imagine you jumping in without feeling a little overwhelmed by their available options. Subscribing to all modules costs $12.50/month, $125/year, or $375/lifetime. World Anvil, on the other hand, has a sharp learning curve. The main difference between Scrivener and World Anvil is that Scrivener is designed to help you write and structure your projects better, while World Anvil helps you organize and keep your projects in an abstract and thematic way. I have been on platforms like Wattpad or World Anvil or some of the smaller writer platforms.
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